by john southworth

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songs by John Southworth
arrangements by Andrew Downing


released April 3, 2012

produced by Jean Martin, John Southworth & Andrew Downing

c 2012 sud de valeur 003

“This is undoubtedly the most ambitious thing Southworth — or, for that matter, any other Toronto singer/songwriter in recent memory — has done” - Michael Barclay, The Record www.therecord.com/print/article/698690

“An extraordinary album…truly remarkable stuff” - John Sakamoto’s ‘Anti-Hit List’, March 24 www.toronto.com/article/718879

“It doesn’t fit within the confines of any genre currently known to us. It’s its own animal…with poetic lyrics, a narrative album structure, and a penchant for antique sounds, Easterween sounds like what would happen if you added a Greek chorus to a film set during the turn of the last century.” - Chris Dart, The Torontoist torontoist.com/2012/04/sound-advice-easterween-by-john-southworth-and-andrew-downing/

“Records like Easterween (and admittedly, there is nothing like Easterween) are what push boundaries and keep musicians progressing. I’ve listened to the record for weeks, still can’t fully process the minute details or settle into a looping repeat, but for the 55-minutes Easterween escapes my speakers, it controls me.” - Herohill www.herohill.com/2012/04/reviews-john-southworth-andrew-downing-easterween.htm

“Part klezmer, part Weimer-era cabaret, part acid trip in the basement of a Transylvanian pub”- John Terauds, Musical Toronto musicaltoronto.org/2012/04/04/tonight-tomorrow-john-southworth-and-andrew-downing-take-cabaret-into-some-deep-dark-woods-with-easterween/

"John Southworth has outdone himself again" - Joe Gurba, Argue Job arguejob.com/2012/04/19/john-southworth-andrew-downing-easterween/

“This is another level of weird. Easterween feels like the place Southworth’s always been looking to end up” - Scott Bryson, telescopemedia.com/2012/04/09/john-southworth-and-andrew-downing-easterween/

“Easterween is quite an achievement” - !Earshot, March 26 bit.ly/GQN4Sn

“I love it” - Laurie Brown on EASTERWEEN: CBC Radio 2 music.cbc.ca#/blogs/2012/4/John-Southworth-and-Andrew-Downing-celebrate-Easterween



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